Womb Love - The Reclamation Of Age Old Women's Wisdom

womb.love is a result of reclaiming age old women’s wisdom as part of my life’s journey AND an ever evolving blazing torch of truth that I pass on to anyone within my wake!

You see, the more I learned about myself as a woman, my blood, my cycles, my anatomy, my emotional world, my sexual energy, my instinctual knowing… I realised there was a cavernous pit of things I felt I really should know, but didn’t. Why was this? Why has so much about being a woman been shrouded in shame? Why have women stopped talking and sharing essential wisdom about the medicines readily available to us within our bodies and the Earth? Why are so many of us numb and disoriented from our true divine feminine essence?

This fuels an aching desire to fill the gaps of knowing about the wonder, power and pure sacredness of my body, heart and womb. To know the womb space intimately as a navigational tool and portal of creativity. Not only for myself, but for my children and grandchildren, and fellow woman, and while we’re at it - everyone whose life needs the well nourished woman at the centre (hint: everyone).

I see the world around me where women are lacking the vital information and resources to take care of their own feminine health. Women come to me with a vast array of womb health issues, a distinct isconnection to their inner stronghold of wisdom and vitality and more often than not this is due to stress, overwhelm and the lack of support in the world at large for the infradian, internal rhythm of woman.

This led me to create womb.love and my work as a Womb Wellness and Empowerment Guide. I support women to create and sustain loving and honouring relationships with themselves. Weaving together a combination of embodiment practices, healing modalities and sacred ceremonial ritual, I hold space for women at all stages of their lives to harness their capacity for inner self healing, connect to their intuition and power, feel grounded in their wisdom, and step into alignment with their feminine soul.

My 1:1 treatments and transformational group experiences blend Kundalini Dance, Womb & Fertility Massage, Yoni Steaming Ceremony, Womb Yoga & Intuitive Energy Healing and rituals to honour the new mother. In these, I support women from all walks of life walking through a whole variety of experiences with their womb. Many work with me to support themselves through cycle imbalances, menstrual health issues, to support a natural or assisted fertility journey or major surgery, postpartum, emotional trauma, stress, deep disconnection to their feminine energy, and through major life transitions such as menopause.

My life is the living prayer for liberation of my ancestors, I vow that my life be a rewriting of the script for future generations. I want this for us all, especially so for the new and becoming women and people of this world. It will be so. The more we consciously release the shame that has bound us from being in our full sovereignty - body, mind and spirit, the more we will witness a world imbued with the feminine, and in turn, the balance and harmony it requires in a world so out of synch with the natural order.

I would love to hear from you if any of this lights a fire within you and you have heard the call within your heart and womb to embark on this path.



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