Support from pregnancy to postpartum

Herbal teas that make room for your self-care in every cup throughout the ever-changing journey of motherhood.

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Each blend is 100% natural, vegan and caffeine free.

Our loose leaf tea range has been designed to focus not just on your physical, but your mental wellbeing too. The time spent on making a cup is time meant for you, for the necessity of self-care from pregnancy to postpartum. Each blend is Herbalist accredited to make the journey of motherhood safer and that little bit easier.


  • Loose Leaf

    We specifically handcraft and hand-blend loose leaf teas to provide you with higher quality ingredients with a more concentrated amount of benefits.

  • Mind + Body

    The time spent making a cup of our tea is intended to nurture you from the inside out, pulling focus onto your mental and physical health.

  • Tradition

    We lean heavily into ancient cultural practices of prioritising the mother's wellbeing after childbirth as we value how deeply inherent it is to baby's.

  • Sustainability

    All of our packaging is either home compostable, biodegradable or fully recyclable because we believe in trying to leave the world a little bit better off than we found it.