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No matter which way we look at things, it’s apparent we are living in a society that doesn’t support the thriving of families. Women are shouldering work, home and children without much support and as a result are burnt out, isolated and overwhelmed, not to mention the additional pressures of the pandemic. Statistics about Black Maternal Health in particular show that both the health service and wellness industries fail to cater particularly to women of colour who experience the brunt of racial disparities and as a result often don’t seek support when needed.


I’m Nehanda, a mother of two and founder of The Soul Mama Journey. I experienced this gap first-hand when navigating my own fertility, pregnancy and postpartum journeys. I yearned for a space that felt safe enough to open up honestly about my struggles without fear that someone would misunderstand, misdiagnose, pathologise or dismiss me. I wanted to speak with someone who understood the nuance of being a woman of colour, and some of the unspoken taboos, stigmas, generational and cultural expectations that can sometimes come with that.


When I couldn’t find it, I decided to quit my corporate job and retrain in Holistic Wellness and Womb Yoga and began The Soul Mama Journey, a service dedicated to supporting women to heal and awaken through each pivotal stage of motherhood. I could see that the thing women were missing was the space and time to be held in a supportive way, to then be able to reconnect to their own inner power and guidance within. This means honouring ourselves in a deep and nourishing way that for many reasons we often struggle to prioritise on our own.

Some women begin this healing journey when they first desire a child. Perhaps there may be fear around fertility, or ageing or motherhood ambivalence or repeating negative patterns. All these may be blocking energetically, physically and spiritually the deeper intention to conceive. I guide women to reconnect and heal their wombs to release these fears whilst making positive changes to their lifestyles.

For women who are already pregnant, they may be struggling to bond with their baby, have deep fears around birth and want support to carve out time for themselves to rest and slow down in a busy pregnancy. I support them to holistically prepare for birth and postpartum on a mind, body, soul level.

Lastly, for women who are already mothers, I support them to heal, reprioritise themselves, nourishing themselves energetically, emotionally and spiritually to reclaim their energy, confidence and vitality so often lost through over giving of motherhood without replenishment.

Across all of these stages, I offer practice including breathwork, meditation, visualisation and ritual, which are rooted in the principals of the elements and indigenous spirituality.

For those interested in learning more tools and knowledge to support your own healing through motherhood, I also host The Soul Mama Podcast featuring conversations between myself and other mothers of colour and thought leaders in various fields including Queen Afua, Alex Elle and other leading figures in wellness and spirituality.

 Everything I offer through The Soul Mama Journey is to honour women on the path of motherhood to remember and reconnect with their own highest truth, their own power and ultimately their own divinity. Motherhood is sacred and has the potential to be a deeply healing and transformational rites of passage for us all. Let’s reclaim it as such.

Follow me on Instagram, check out the Soul Mama Blog and The Soul Mama Podcast and if you feel called to explore any of this work with me for yourself, click here to book a free call.

 Much Love


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