Mum Bub Hub - Anisah and Nyree Making Postpartum Care a Priority

We founded Mum Bub Hub with the fourth trimester as our ultimate priority. Our highly effective, plant-based product range is formulated in-house using traditional homeopathic remedies, incorporating a blend of wound-healing, antibacterial herbs and extracts which work in sync to soothe the physical discomforts of childbirth and to help women heal, rest and recover. We want women to feel that postpartum care is their rite of passage.

 The concept of Mum Bub Hub grew from a combination of our professional backgrounds and our lived experiences as mothers. We realised that there wasn’t a wellness line dedicated solely to the unique needs of new mothers, especially for those first moments and weeks after giving birth. So we created a lifestyle brand with a strong ethos, communicating the importance of self-care and practical support for new, and experienced mothers.

We believe that all women deserve to have an informed postpartum experience, and the resources to sustain their wellbeing in a holistic and accessible manner.

 Our brand is so much more than our products. At the heart of it is the passion that we have for empowering mothers and families through their transition into parenthood. We love to inspire honest conversations and encourage mothers and women to incorporate self-care into their postpartum recoveries

To highlight, we are social enterprise, so the profits from each product we sell are reinvested back into the business, providing access to free perinatal education/support to supplement maternity care. We are committed to advocating for mothers, before, during and after pregnancy. It’s really important to us that we’re able to provide a platform as well as support for women within our communities, as it’s our fellow sisters that have inspired us to create Mum Bub Hub.

Our plant-based products are designed for the tender areas that matter most. For perineal care (the perineum is the area including the vagina and anal region, which is most likely to be sore and swollen after pushing), we offer our Perineal Spray. This is formulated with a base of witch hazel, which has natural antiseptic, astringent and soothing properties to alleviate symptoms of postpartum vaginal swelling and soreness. It’s also a great remedy for haemorrhoids.

 We try to keep things as simple as possible. Every ingredient is included for its therapeutic value so if we don’t need it, we won’t use it. We love ingredients like comfrey, plantain leaf and witch hazel, which are ‘anti’ everything. By that I mean, they have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, which can help to soothe, cleanse and heal the vaginal area. We use them in our Perineal Balm and Postpartum Bath Soak along with other healing herbs such as Comfrey, Yarrow and Plantain, which helps to soothe the perineum.

The initial postpartum experience was quite a shock for us. We felt ill-equipped to handle the physical, emotional and mental strain of the postpartum period and beyond. There wasn’t anyone providing us with the tools that we needed to take care of ourselves after giving birth. I remember after I gave birth to my first, everyone was so excited about meeting our new arrival, and it was literally a blur of visitors, days of little or no sleep and trying to heal and adapt to our new life. In between all of this I was bleeding heavily and expected to continue as normal. Once the baby blues hit, I felt overwhelmed and realised that actually, I needed to take responsibility and make my health and welfare a priority also.

 We are continuing to grow our platform and our offering for all mothers. We are diversifying our range to ensure that mothers at all stages can be introduced to the MBH experience.


To find out more about Mum Bub Hub visit their website or Instagram page below.


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