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Since I was a small child I’ve always had a fascination and obsession with all things pregnancy and babies, so when I decided to train as a Chiropractor I always knew I would specialise in Pregnancy and Paediatric care.

For the first four years of my career I worked as an associate in a clinic and concentrated on building a Pregnancy/Paediatric base. In 2013 I was made redundant and whilst I never intended to run my own practice, the Universe appeared to have other plans for me and CBH was ‘born’!

3 months before starting CBH I had trained as a birth and postnatal Doula - all part of my passion and desire to be able to serve my pregnant and postnatal patients with the most knowledge and evidence informed care I could. I decided that being a Pregnancy and Paediatric Chiropractor meant I needed to know more than ‘just’ Chiropractic techniques and approaches.

Training as a Doula gave me a deeper breadth of knowledge and understanding. I have also since gained a breastfeeding mentor qualification and I am also Webster Certified meaning I see lots of breech presentations.

Using Chiropractic adjustments I assist the baby to get into the optimal position for birth through creating balance in the Pelvis and the surrounding structures and tissues (provided there’s no other reason for the breech presentation.)

My next goal is to qualify as a Tongue Tie Practitioner (when I find the time!) Looking after pregnant women, babies and new mums is so incredibly rewarding and special. When you help a Pregnant/ Postnatal woman or a stressed out unhappy baby, you really are helping the whole family unit.

Whilst I see lots of pregnant women with Pregnancy-related aches and pains, I’m seeing a rapidly increasing amount of pregnant women presenting simply for Pregnancy support and birth preparation- such a vital and proactive, preventative approach to pregnancy that I’m thrilled seems to be becoming more common practice.

Many of these patients are referred to me by their midwife,doula or yoga/pilates instructor. When a pregnant woman comes to me early in their pregnancy Ialso feel I can then provide that vital continuity of care that is sadly lacking in many NHS trusts interms of Midwifery care and support.

It’s never too early or late to start Chiropractic care in the Pregnancy journey, and I’m often asked how soon a baby can be seen- I’ve adjusted babies at just hours old (including my own son!)- so I always say just whenever the new parents are ready. Similar with Postnatal care- I adapt my techniques to cater for C-Section scars and tender breasts but always advise new mums to just come in when they’re ready to leave the house- be that 3 days or 3 months postnatal!


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