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Mother Nature's Recipes

Bump to Baby Bundle

Bump to Baby Bundle

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Want to be well prepared for your impending arrival?

Our Bump to Baby bundle includes our Mum-To-Be Tea to ease morning sickness and look after your bodies throughout pregnancy, Mama’s Milk Aid, supporting the production of breastmilk and lastly, Tummy Ease which helps to soothes irritation caused by trapped gas, bloating and colic.

Each pouch is 70g and contains 14 servings.

Vegan and gluten free.

If you have any ongoing medical conditions, please consult a Physician before trying new products.


Infuse one heaped teaspoon per cup in freshly boiled water, for 5-10 mins depending on taste. Strain and serve. Herbs brewed for a shorter amount of time (5 mins) can be brewed twice before discarding.

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