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Agnes LDN Cotton & Bamboo Muslin Tea Bags (set of 4)

Agnes LDN Cotton & Bamboo Muslin Tea Bags (set of 4)

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This set was designed by Agnes LDN to reduce the need for single use tea bags as some tea bags contain plastic.

This set contains -

1 x Organic Cotton Grocery Bag

4 x Cotton/Bamboo Muslin Tea Bags

Tea bags and grocery bags can be machine or hand washed.

PLEASE NOTE - Tea/herbal infusions can act as a natural dye and the tea bags may become stained over time.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Hand or machine wash. Do not dry clean

ABOUT AGNES LDN - Sustainability is at the very core of everything we do with the brand. We’re always aspiring to be better. Agnes sells handmade goods that are designed to reduce packaging waste.

We try to support fellow small businesses that have similar values as we believe change starts with the community. Everything is handmade by Sophie or her partner.

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